About Us

Who are we?

Owners Steve and Kym have been providing factory downgraded steel products to happy customers over the internet for the past 10+ years and now supply from their warehouse in the Jimboomba industrial estate.

With over a decade of experience in the industry, 2nd Chance Building Supplies, a family based business, provides factory downgraded steel products at substantially reduced prices compared to new products. We specialise in Factory Downgraded steel products such as Purlins, SHS Galvanised Steel, Roofing Iron, Guttering, Fascia, Top Hat, Battens and Roller Doors. 

While downgraded products are often surrounded with negative misconceptions, more buyers are opting for these products due to value for money. We can cater for home handyman projects right up to major building constructions. Factory Downgrades are not used or second hand. They are the result of an order cancellation or cosmetic flaw or minor imperfection (typically a scratch or dent) therefore rejected by the manufacturers quality control. The structural integrity of the product is not compromised.